Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cranberry Thanksgiving

We started Cranberry Thanksgiving this week. My plan is to carry this up until Thanksgiving which would make this about a week and a half.

We have rowed this book once before and we are looking forward to doing this again. Today we read the book and talked about the different characters in the book. We talked about how the Grandmother initially didn't like Mr. Whiskers because of the way he looked and smelled :) and that she wasn't looking at what was on the inside of him. We talked about how sometimes we have to ignore the outside and look into someones heart.
This is sometimes a difficult balance, because it is hard to do this when you initially meet someone and don't truly know what kind of person they are.
We talked about the secret Cranberry Bread Recipe and then talked about what kinds of foods we have on Thanksgiving Day and what our favorite food on that day is.
Tomorrow we will be talking about and focusing on cranberries.