Monday, February 15, 2010


A blogging buddy of mine is having a giveaway. This giveaway is homeschoolers and it is fabulous!! You can enter until Feb. 22nd., so click over there and get your name in the drawing.

While you are there you might spend some time looking around her blog. She is on my blog list on my sidebar so that I see every update she makes because I love reading her blog so much!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reagan Loves these books!!

We just recently discovered the Usborne Young Puzzle Adventures and my daughter is hooked!! She can not get enough of them.

You know whats even better? I found them on Paperback Swap for FREE!!

If you have never heard of Paperback Swap, all you do is click over there and start an account for FREE, then list 10 books you no longer need and they will automatically give you 2 points. For each point, you can pick out a book you like and it will be shipped to you for free. When someone requests one of the books you listed, you ship to them Media Mail (about $3) and get a point for each one you ship to use on a book you would like!
Is there a book that you have really been wanting to purchase? If they don't have it on hand right now, you can put it on your wish list and when someone lists the book you will be notified.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sledding Fun

With all of the snow we had this past week, we decided to go sledding. This was the first time that my daughter and I had done this. We were really excited (and kinda nervous at the same time), but once we got started we both loved it. My husband had done this before and practically had to push us down the first time, but after that he had a hard time keeping up!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Wish You Enough by Bob Perks

Life isn't easy. There are times when we all need a little inspiration, mixed with a lot of hope, to live with a small dose of reality. In I Wish You Enough Bob Perks presents eight wishes in a magical collection of true, inspirational stories filled with invaluable lessons about seeing the good in the mundane, and recognizing the abundant gifts God provides every day. You'll value what you already have and a little more, and begin a new journey of gratitude no matter what challenges you face. You can always find 'enough' to get you through.

This book is divided into eight categories and each category is filled with short true stories to inspire you. The categories make it easy to go right to the area in which you have a need for inspiration. I like that the stories are short so that you can take a moment of your day to read a story or two if that is all the time you have.

I would recommend this book and enjoyed it. There are several of the stories that are embedded in my memory and come to mind time to time during the day just when I need them most.

A must read.