Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning to Knit and a great website

I have been attempting some knitting lately. I have taken one class, I have a partial scarf and am working on a second one that has a little bit of a pattern to it. There is an awesome website for anyone that knits or crochets called Ravelry . It is a place to connect to other people from all over the world who also enjoy knitting or crocheting. There are TONS of free patterns also. Take a second and sign up....its FREE and just having access to so many free patterns is worth it. If you sign up, feel free to add me as your name is knitting4fun2.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Couponing is really big right now and I have tried to consistently use coupons and shop for the best value. I mean with today's economy who doesn't want to save money?? Right now my favorite site is Couponcloset. I love how she does all the work for you and has a gift of putting it all together. I also like it because she is local to me (Oklahoma) and I have been able to go to one of her coupon classes. Don't live in Oklahoma? fear not....she has some of her coupon classes in the form of videos on her blog and they are FREE!!! I also love her coupon organizer she makes. I believe she makes sells them through her blog, but it is also something you could make yourself. If your interested, I will post a picture of mine so that you can see what it looks like. What coupon sites do you like?

Change is in order

I have fallen behind and as life has gotten busier I gone longer and longer without a post. So for the time being I will mainly be using this blog for things like book reviews, recipes and fun little tidbits and as time goes on I will add on about homeschool and things like that.