Friday, March 16, 2012

Spy Training Party Planning

My daughter loves mysteries, it is by far her favorite type of book.  She decided that this year for her birthday that she wanted a spy party.

Here is the invitation we made.  It is a Styrofoam ball that we spray painted black.  These were a slightly different kind of Styrofoam, these were a little more solid which made them much easier to spray paint.  They also had a hole in one end of them and not only did we need that to complete the invite, it made it so much easier to paint.  We stuck a wooden dowel into the hole and stuck them into the ground in our backyard and painted.   No sticking to the paper when drying and any mess will be mowed up :)  We then took a pipe cleaner and some orange and yellow cellophane paper and cut a few layers of it into a circle.  We then folded the end of the pipe cleaner over a bit and poked a hole into the center and fed a bit of the pipe cleaner up into the circle, gathered up the cellophane and wrapped the tail of the bent over section around the cellophane to hold it in place.  We tried glue and had not luck so this was the best we could come up with and it looked just fine.  The invitation was then taped to the opposite end as you can see in the picture above and scrolled around the pipe cleaner and pushed into the hold in the ball.

These were a HUGE hit with her friends!

More to come on the party soon.