Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reagan and her hot pink cast

Thanks to an inflatable slide and a little bravery, Reagan has a new hot pink cast. Well, it is not exactly new...this happened about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We were playing at a place here called the PlayZone and decided to go down the slide hands first instead of feet first. Reagan hit a pocketed area at the end of the slide and it broke her pinkie finger at the growth plate, I believe this is called a green break because it is more of a buckle than a break which must be common with younger children.

We will be returning to the Orthopedic doctor on Thursday afternoon. Reagan will be so happy to get the cast off, wash her hand and arm and scratch! At this time they will determine if there is a need to continue on with a new cast. We have been fortunate that they now have water casts that you can swim in, bathe in, etc. We already had a vacation planned that I will post about later that involved lots of swimming that we were able to continue on with in spite of the cast!

Here is the cast:

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  1. oh no!!! Casts are no fun!!! I bet she is thrilled to be getting it off soon! Must admit though....it is a really pretty cast! :o) If you have to wear one....having a pretty one is a plus! :)