Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reagan Loves these books!!

We just recently discovered the Usborne Young Puzzle Adventures and my daughter is hooked!! She can not get enough of them.

You know whats even better? I found them on Paperback Swap for FREE!!

If you have never heard of Paperback Swap, all you do is click over there and start an account for FREE, then list 10 books you no longer need and they will automatically give you 2 points. For each point, you can pick out a book you like and it will be shipped to you for free. When someone requests one of the books you listed, you ship to them Media Mail (about $3) and get a point for each one you ship to use on a book you would like!
Is there a book that you have really been wanting to purchase? If they don't have it on hand right now, you can put it on your wish list and when someone lists the book you will be notified.

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