Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Owl Moon

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This week we are working on the FIAR book Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. Candace at His Mercy is New had recently rowed this book so it was wonderful timing to get some great ideas from her.

Yesterday involved us reading Owl Moon and then spending some time learning about owls. Before we started we talked and I just wanted to get an idea of what exactly she knew about owls. We then read this book...

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This was a perfect book for Reagan! It didn't involve her having to sit still and listen for a long period of time to learn about owls. It has short, informative text and great pictures. We then went to the computer and found a great link on Homeschool Share where we could listen to a few different owl calls. We loved being able to take the book and compare the owl call that the father did with the actual sound of the owl.

Tomorrow will involve an owl craft, the discussion of simile and metaphor and the reading of an additional owl book.

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