Thursday, July 30, 2009

A change for the new school year

We will be starting school on August 1st and I felt the need for some changes in order to make my life more simple and easier to manage.

I have left the majority of my yahoo groups with the exception of a select few in order to decrease my email inbox and the time that I spend in front of my computer just reading all of the emails.

I have also decided that at least for the time being, I will just be making a monthly entry on my blog with all of the fun things that we have done the month previous and what we have coming up.

This is what we have planned for homeschool...

We will be spending this year using the American Girl Historical books for our history. We are also part of a co-op that will meet every 6-8 weeks after we have finished the current "girl" we are reading about and have a big get together with crafts, food and fun related to that time period.

We will also be starting Apologia Young Explorers Botany study. This will also be a co-op that will meet once a week after each chapter is completed and we will be doing the experiments and more together.

We are really excited this year and the only way that I can see to get it all done is to spend less time on the computer :(

I will see you back in a month to let you know how our first set of books went as we begin our history study with Felicity 1774-1776.

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