Monday, July 6, 2009

Father's Day at the zoo

On Father's Day, we were finishing up our Kansas and Missouri trip and decided to spend the day at the Tulsa, OK Zoo. We were really excited since the elephants from our zoo are now at the Tulsa Zoo while we are building a larger nicer area for them. We have not seen our elephants in a year and were anxious to see what they looked like.

Entrance to the zoo.
Father's Day Picture.

Children's Petting Zoo

The tropical rain forest area with free roaming animals

I really loved the tropical rain forest area, it was so beautiful.

The tram that we used to get from the front of the zoo to the back area and then back to the front again. We really appreciated this since is was 102 degrees at the zoo that day.
We didn't get to see our elephants, they were not out while we were there, but we really love the facility they have there for the elephants.
My two favorite areas were the tropical rain forest and the cave area. This was so much fun and definitely worth the time if your in the area.

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