Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BFS #123 - ABC's of Praise

Introduction: This is a steal, literally, because I found it on Facebook and decided to use it this week. This is an expression of Praises to God- using the ABC’s. I thought this would be a good way to be able to Praise God and use every letter of the alphabet!

Assignment: Try to think of one thing you can say to the glory of God- one thing to thank Him for, a positive thing you can say about Him, or one of His Names-using each letter of the alphabet. You are allowed to make up words- if you can justify them by making it clear what you mean- and you may also use any foreign language (but please explain what it means) - and you can also use a thesaurus or dictionary if you get stumped. I’m putting my list below so you’ll have to copy and paste this then remove my answers. It’s a bit of a challenge but I think you’ll enjoy it. Have fun with it!

A - Always available
B - Blessings abound
C - Creator
D - Darkness without Him
E - Excited to meet Him
F - Free ( salvation)
G - Great provider
H - Helps those in need
I - Invincible
J- Jesus freak - wish I could be more like them
K - King
L - Loving
M - Most High
N - Nails in His hands for us.
O - the ONE
P - Praise
Q - Quietly (listen quietly for His voice)
R - Repentance
S - Superior
T - Trust
U - Understanding
V - Vast (His love for us)
W - Wonderful
X - eXpert
Y - Yours (for the asking)
Z - Zestfully - pursue him zestfully


  1. see ya on the 14th..ish..


  2. I especially like the Nails choice...very good and important too! Love the background-I too have it on one of my blogs-very springy looking and give me hope it will soon be here

  3. Ditto Sheri! I was going to say I love the Nails word but saw that Sheri already did. I love your Atheist banner on the side too...mind if I copy it?

    Mrs. Nancy