Monday, March 16, 2009

Madeline Day 3

We started out our day by finishing up our study of France. We decided to learn a couple of words in French today. We kept it simple and learned Bonjour and Oui. Reagan really liked learning another language and decided we should use these two during the rest of our Madeline study.

After this we went into talking about germs. We talked about how germs are transmitted from one person to another by the way of direct contact or by touching objects others have touched. We then did an experiment about handwashing to show her how long you have to wash your hands to get all the germs off, not just run them under water and go.

First we coated her hands with vegetable oil and then sprinkles lots of course black pepper on her hands and had her rub it in. No only could she see the "germs", but she could feel them as she rubbed the pepper in.

We then went to the bathroom and she washed, and washed, and washed until the pepper was all gone. It was really neat for her to see the pepper left on the faucet knob after she had turned it on and the pepper left sticking to the sides of the sink. This was really a great visual. We talked about how long it takes to properly wash our hands.

Yeah! All clean.

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