Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

After weeks of searching and keeping hope that our sweet dog scooby might still be alive somewhere, we have come to accept that we might not ever see him again. It was almost a week ago that he got out of our back yard, he had done this before but had always come straight around to the front door.

I have had signs up. No response. I went to the pound. No scooby.

So, here I go.

Scooby lived for 14 years. A long life for a Maltese. He had so many cute qualities like the fact that he skipped when he walked and hiding from us UNDER the covers when he didn't want to go outside. He is survived by his best bud and cohort in crime Daphne (our other Maltese). In the end he was deaf, blind and could be quite the grumpy old man, but we still loved to love on him. We have had him so long, I almost don't remember what was like when he wasn't with us. Sadness, such terrible sadness that he is gone.

I would love to see him come to the front door tomorrow and be able to delete this post, but I really don't think that will happen.



  1. I just discovered you blog (it's great, btw), and this post brought me to tears. Scooby is just about the most precious guy ever! I don't want you to loose hope! Here are two stories about lost dogs that found their way home in my area. Don't feel like you have to read them - they're both tear jerkers (happy ones, though). Miracles do happen! Scooby and your family will be in my prayers!

  2. I can't imagine your grief. I have been through the aging dog-human thing three times with poodles. My last was my Kooba and there would be times when she would curl up somewhere in the house. I would call her and she could not hear me or see me and I would run out the door in a panic searching for her thinking I had lost her. I am so sorry you are really LIVING out that fear! Praying you find Scooby...

  3. oh no :(. I am so sorry Kerri!!!!

  4. Faithful friends, even those of the furry kind, are so very very missed when they are gone :(

    My condolences on your loss.

  5. Ruby and the rest of the Glover family are thinking about you and Scooby at this heartbreaking time. God Bless.

  6. im at work an u making me cry.. ugh people are looking at me like im a doofus.